The 8 Hottest Spring Hair Color Trends For 2024, According To Experts

Caramel-Balayage Hair

I love Megan Thee Stallion's look, especially this warm, caramel-esque balayage against her chocolaty background.

Vanilla Chai Highlights

A grown-out/rooted blonde with a sandy/beige shade and neutral undertone. Hairstylist Dafne Evangelista says less is more in 2024.

Latte Hair Trend for 2024

Latte hair, like Hailee Steinfeld's, is a light-to-medium brunette with warm baby lights or light-brown balayage for dimension.

Scandi-Hairline Trend

Your colorist will deliberately lighten your baby hairs and hairline to give your hair a sunkissed, ultra-bright blonde look.

Cherry-Cola 2024 Hair Color Trend

Cherry-cola hair is just a rebranding of auburn, our favorite reddened dark-brown hair color.

Icy-Platinum Hair Trend

Want to energize the main character? Enter the platinum-blonde frosty hair trend early. '80s Pamela Anderson or Regina George in Mean Girls.

Smoke Hair Color Trend for 2024

Warm hair colors were popular in 2023, but creamy gray tones will return. Smoky charcoal gives dark-brown or black hair a gothic look.

2024 Hair Color Trend: Maroon

This rich, dramatic deep-red tint was introduced by Dua Lipa in 2023, and many celebrities will follow suit in 2024.