The 9 Best Essie Nail Colors For Spring 2024

Essie Fiji: This balanced pastel baby pink is perfect for spring, offering a delightful pop of color that's opaque and vibrant.

Essie First Kiss Bliss: Embrace springtime with this minty, icy blue shade that complements any skin tone for a fresh, polished look.

Essie All Oar Nothing: A surprising apricot shade that applies like a tanned neutral, offering a bold yet subtle nod to spring.

Essie Expressie Skip the Track: Teetering between lavender and gray, this wearable nail color is ideal for spring with its pastel and neutral tones.

Essie Geranium: Break out the red-orange and coral shades for spring with this vibrant hue that signals the transition to summertime.

Essie Bikini So Teeny: Get into the spring spirit with this pretty periwinkle blue shade that adds excitement to your nails.

Essie Expressie Buns Up: Opt for something new with this creamy, opaque beige shade that's sneakily flattering and fast-drying for convenience.

Essie Gel Couture Wilder Than I Seem: Bold yet not overwhelming, this violet berry pink shade offers shine and long-lasting wear for spring.

Essie Heart of the Jungle: Step away from pastels with this vibrant olive shade that feels mature and unexpected for springtime nails.