The 9 Biggest Spiders Still Crawling the Earth In 2024

Goliath Birdeater Spider

This gigantic spider doesn't consume birds enough to justify its name. Goliath birdeater is a real gigantic, hence half of its name is true.

Giant Huntsman Spider

It may not be as famous as its birdeater relative, but this leggy spider breaks records. Huntsman spiders have the world's biggest leg spans at 12 inches.

Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater

The spider world's Brazilian salmon pink birdeater is stunning. One of the largest tarantulas, this species is stunning.

Hercules Baboon Spider

The "Hercules" baboon spider is a spider mystery, and its name generates great expectations.

Colombian Giant Tarantula

The Colombian big redleg tarantula is an arachnid superstar. This huge Colombian jungle tarantula is more than just big.

Poecilotheria Rajaei

The recently found Poecilotheria Rajaei in Sri Lanka brightens the spider world. This species' geometric markings are stunning and scary.

Brazilian Giant Tawny Red Tarantula

The leg span of this South American native, especially in Brazil, can reach 7 inches (17.8 centimeters), making even non-arachnophobes uncomfortable.

Colombian Blue Bloom Tarantula

The Colombian blue bloom tarantula, a stunning rainforest dweller, is unusual and captivating in its blue color.

Colombian Lesserblack Tarantula

Ah, the camel spider, a creature of wild folklore and terrifying desert war tales. Although not spiders, these Solifugae are often considered spiders due to their frightening look.