The ’90s Layered Bob Is The Chic Comeback You Need

The bixie combines the bob and pixie cuts, offering versatility with a bubbled bob length around the face and a cropped, layered neckline in the back.

Bixie Bob

This sharp, straight cut was a '90s favorite among supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista. 

Blunt Bob

Known for its voluminous, tucked ends, the bubble bob remains playful and bouncy, as seen on modern icons like Ciara. 

Bubble Bob

Popularized by Cameron Diaz and now revived by influencers like Hailey Bieber, the cropped bob features a chic, chin-length style with lived-in texture

Cropped Bob

Tracee Ellis Ross and Yara Shahidi exemplify the curly bob trend, showcasing natural curls in a structured, short hairstyle that celebrates texture and volume.

Curly Bob

Drew Barrymore popularized the flippy bob in the '90s, characterized by its retro-inspired flipped ends. Today, icons like Taraji P. 

Flippy Bob

Inspired by Victoria Beckham's iconic center-parted bob from her Spice Girls days, the posh bob is sleek, shiny, and exudes sophistication, as seen on celebrities like Selena Gomez.

Posh Bob

Jennifer Aniston's layered "Rachel" bob from Friends defined '90s hair trends with its voluminous layers and deep side part. 

Rachel Bob