The Best Automatic Dog Feeders of 2024

Basic feeders relying on gravity for food dispensing, ideal for simple feeding routines without advanced features.

Gravity Feeders

Set feeding times and portion sizes digitally, ensuring consistent meals throughout the day for your dog's health.

Programmable Feeders

Connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to control feeding remotely from your smartphone, monitor food levels, and dispense meals with voice commands.

Smart Feeders

Designed to slow eating pace, these feeders promote digestion and mental stimulation with obstacle-based food dispensing.

Slow Feeders

Choose a feeder that matches your dog's food needs, whether for a few hours or days away, ensuring sufficient food storage.

Feeding Capacity

Adjust food portions precisely per meal to maintain healthy eating habits and prevent overeating with customizable settings.

Portion Control

Set specific meal times and portions to maintain a consistent feeding schedule using voice commands or app controls.

Programmable Schedule

Ensure easy disassembly and cleaning of food-contacting parts to prevent bacteria buildup, with dishwasher-safe options for convenience.

Ease of Cleaning

Select feeders made from durable materials with secure lids and anti-tip bases to withstand dog's activity and prevent food access.

Durability and Stability

Check compatibility with dry kibble or wet food types, ensuring the feeder suits your dog's dietary needs without restrictions.

Food Compatibility

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