The Best Fruit Trees You Can Grow by Province

British Columbia

Look for cold-hardy fruits like pears and Honeycrisp apples in the province's northern regions.


Although it was often believed that Alberta's environment was unsuitable for growing cherries, the Evans cherry was developed there.


It may seem apparent, but Saskatoon berries, sometimes referred to as serviceberries or sarvisberries, thrive in their native Saskatchewan.


If you enjoy baking, crab apples are greatly underestimated since they produce a really apple-y pie filling.


A sturdy cultivar that thrives in Ontario's frigid temperatures, long springs, and lush falls is the honeycrisp apple.


Given that Québec is the largest province, dealing with its diverse climates is unavoidable.

New Brunswick

Haskap berries taste like a cross between a blueberry and a raspberry, although they are less sweet. They resemble an elongated blueberry or purple grape.

Prince Edward Island

Therefore, search for self-fertile cultivars if you're short on area or just want to plant one tree.