These Are the 7 Hair Colours Everyone Will Want This Season

1. Caramel love

You've seen your favorite stars wear a light and delicate shade of brown. You need to find the shade of brown that makes your features stand out the most. We're really into this soft golden color right now because it's so beautiful.

2. Go bold with neon

It's trendy to dye your hair neon these days, and for good reason. It makes you look better all around and is great if you want to change your whole hairstyle. Pick the shade that will look best on your skin tone and do a patch test just to be safe.

3. Oh-So-Red

Red is a color that stands out right away. There are a lot of different hair color ideas you can show off, like dip-dye, lines, or even going all out and turning your hair red.

4. Black + Blonde

You can always get highlights if you're not sure about making a big change to your hair. You can make your black hair look beautiful with any color, but if you want it to stand out, try something brighter, like golden or silver.

5. Millennial Pink

'Millennial pink' is definitely the color of 2017 because everyone is crazy about it. If you have Indian skin, this eye-catching hair color idea will also look beautiful on you. If you're not sure how this bright color will look on you,

6. For the love of blues

This beautiful look has lots of juicy colors and can be found all over Instagram in different shades. Some people like lighter colors, while others go all out with bright ones. We can see why this hairstyle is so popular right now.

7. Blonde with grown-out roots

A little growth at the roots makes your hair look beautiful and gives it a two-toned look. When you color your hair and the roots start to show (which they will!), don't rush to the salon to get touch-ups.