These are the 8 Animals You Can't Have as Pets in the U.S.

"Tragedy for both humans and bears," according to Britannica, has occurred from media portrayals of bears as adorable and cuddly. Much safer are teddy bears.


Because their significant other is "a huge hippo enthusiast," one forum member looked into this.


Cheetahs are the most amiable big cat species when it comes to people. However, they are not meant for lap-sitting because they may weigh up to 143 pounds.


This adorable tiny Australian animal seems to be grinning all the time. Also adored by one commenter are their "Big boogie eyes.


A forum member has a fantasy about squirrels coming to their patio "I want to feed them sandwiches with peanut butter."


In several U.S. states, it is illegal to own Meerkats privately. You may have to rely on YouTube footage of Meerkats to satisfy your craving.


One forum user said, "Imagine all the looks you would get walking your tiger through the park."


Wolves are another animal that can be educated, but because of their untamed nature, they are never predictable.