These Indoor Plants Will Boost Your Mood for the Winter Months


Linalool, a significant basil molecule, wakes you up naturally. It's utilized in aromatherapy to treat anxiety and sadness, making basil, which contains around 17% linalool, a good option for winter SADs.

Peace Lily

Peace lily plants eliminate mold and harsh chemical aromas from the air, in addition to its calm and joyful moniker. This improves household cleanliness and happiness.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are popular indoor plants for good reason! Beginner-friendly plants are harder to kill, which is the worst for a new plant parent. They also improve house feng shui.


It's surprising that pothos plants may relieve eye discomfort, particularly after a long winter day looking at computer and phone displays. Pothos grows quickly and is lovely

Aloe Vera

Also popular among houseplant parents is aloe vera. This resilient plant has several benefits, including soothing skin with its gel. It promotes air purification and reduces tension and headaches.


Ferns are among the greatest plant air purifiers, keeping your home's air cleaner and fresher. They may also assist with dry throats and congested noses, which can increase your mood.


The fragrance or oil of rosemary is medicinal. It may soothe the neurological system, reducing tension and anxiety and improving your mood. You may cook with this wonderful herb (like this Rosemary Maple Cornbread).