These U.S. States Have the Most Cheaters

Various forms of cheating abound in daily life, from dieting slips to workplace deceptions and line-cutting, driven by temptation and convenience.

Cheating Trends in America

Texas, Alabama, and Nebraska lead in cheating frequency, while New Mexico, Maryland, and Minnesota stand out for honesty.

Geographical Insights

Dieting (72%), single-player games (44%), and cutting in line (39%) are the most prevalent forms of cheating.

Common Cheating Practices

Surprisingly, 53% of cheaters express no regret, with cheating on partners (22%) and dietary lapses (14%) cited as most regrettable.

Regret and Remorse

Texas tops with workplace deceit (45%) and line-cutting (51%), contrasting with New Mexico’s integrity in health challenges (16%) and gaming (16%).

State-Specific Breakdowns

Americans engage in various forms of cheating, from dieting (72%) to line-cutting (39%) and workplace deceptions, influenced by convenience and temptation.

Cheating Behavior Across America

Texas, Alabama, and Nebraska have higher cheating rates, while New Mexico, Maryland, and Minnesota exhibit more honesty in daily behaviors.

State Rankings